Peter Liroy-March: “Jaroslaw Kaczynski is open to marijuana


Piotr Liroy-Marzec plans, next week, a meeting with Jarosław Kaczyński regarding the national cultivation of medical marijuana. I want to talk about introducing amendments to the Act to cultivate marijuana in Poland.

This is great information for all of us, especially for patients. National crops, under the protection of the government, would guarantee access to the drug to all patients.  – Jarosław Kaczyński is open to marijuana. Next week I will want to meet, once again, with the PiS chairman on amendments to the law on marijuana, when it comes to cultivation at the producers. Canada is earning billions on this crop – says the MP.

Liroy is known for his fight for the legalization of medical marijuana, and the fact of legalization is partly his merit. The bill prepared by him and the coalition predicted that the patient would be able to grow marijuana and make homemade preserves at home. The Sejm Committee, unfortunately, has changed this project. Let us remind you that on November 1, 2017 medical marijuana was legalized in Poland. Read here.