Medical Marijuana INSTANTLY Stops Boy’s Seizures!


Cannabis Talk 101: Medical Cannabis stops Stefan’s seizures!

INSTAGRAM: @CannabisTalk101 and all Social Media! Tune in every Sun & Weds to hear Cannabis Talk 101 educate all aspects of Medical marijuana on 101.5 FM KOCI Radio (Orange County) This family moved to Maine to legally make and provide their son with the only medicine that helps control and stop Stefan’s seizures- Medical Cannabis.

Medical Marijuana INSTANTLY Stops Boy’s Seizures!

It is tough enough seeing a young person battling a serious medical condition, but what if you have to fight tooth and nail to ensure that your child receives the life-changing medicine they need?

***Cannabis stops a young boy’s seizures cold***

Unfortunately, that’s the predicament that the parent’s of 7-year-old Stefan Starostecki find themselves in. Their young boy was diagnosed with epilepsywhen he was just 10-months old. They’ve pursued and exhausted a range of conventional medical options in an effort to alleviate his daily convulsions. For example, they tried traditional pharmaceuticals and they have given several highly invasive surgeries a try, too, but none of the standard treatments have helped.

In desperation, Stefan’s parents decided to try something really unconventional — medical cannabis — after they began hearing how other juveniles with epilepsy were being helped by the herb.

Amazingly, as you can see for yourself in this extraordinary video, that cannabis contains compounds that are somehow able to stop Stefan’s seizures in their tracks.