13,000 applications for reimbursement of marijuana medical treatment in Germany.


Thousands of requests for prescription marijuana: 10 months after legalizing medical marijuana in Germany, over 13,000 applications were made to state health insurance funds for reimbursement of medical expenses. The German Hemp Association (Hanfverband) warns of insufficient raw material.

Over 13,000 patients in Germany have applied for the purchase of marijuana treatment costs by state health insurance. This will probably lead to insufficient supply of raw material. It was estimated that there would be around 700 such applications during the year. From March 2017, medical marijuana is legal in Germany.

The survey was conducted by the “Rheinische Post” newspaper among the largest sickness funds like TK, Barmer and AOK. Almost ⅔ of submitted applications to take over the costs of treatment has been positively considered. This does not mean that the rest will be rejected – just the majority of the remaining applications are still waiting for consideration. A lot of applications, has some formal shortcomings. After submitting the document in the right form, patients can expect a positive consideration.

Patients suffering from chronic pain can count with almost 100% confidence in the reimbursement of medicines from medical marijuana. Unfortunately, the March law does not specify the exact list of diseases eligible for cannabis treatment.

It may not be enough for everyone.

Agent of the federal government d.s. drug addicts, Marlene Mortler (CSU), evaluates the increased number of applications very positively: “This shows how important it was to allow medical marijuana treatment”.

Hanfverband, however, draws attention to insufficient supply of raw material due to such a high number of interested parties. Currently, marijuana is imported from Canada and the Netherlands. From 2019, however, German medical marijuana cultures should be created. It is estimated that in the years 2019-2022 will be produced 6.6 tons of dried.

Maybe our politicians will go to their heads and understand, so simple fact that it is worth investing in your own Polish crops, rather than importing raw materials from abroad. The Germans legalized medical marijuana.

Source: welt.de