Associates of German policemen want to legalize marijuana.


BDK, an association of German police officers fighting crime, wants to completely decriminalize the possession of marijuana. reports that BDK wants to legalize cannabis. “I predict that marijuana will not be banned in Germany for a long time,” said the head of the BDK. André Schulz claims that there was no society in human history that would not use drugs. “Prohibition on cannabis has not yet been implemented in an intelligent and effective way,” added Schulz.

Conscious use of psychoactive substances and education is the basis of a well-functioning anti-narcotics policy. The current legal system is stigmatizing the public and promoting criminals. Protecting children and young people against drugs, teaching responsibility and helping addicts brings much better results than focusing mainly on repression.

The new law should not, however, apply to drivers. Alcohol, drugs like marijuana, should not be in the blood of people driving vehicles.
Medical marijuana in Germany was legalized last year. Until then, only 1,000 people had permission to use medical marijuana. It was estimated that more than 700 people a year would need a similar permit. Since the admission of medical marijuana to the market, to date, applications for reimbursement of medicines have received more than 13,000 to state sickness funds.