Schoolgirl Dies After REFUSING Epilepsy Medication Because Of ‘Crippling Side-Effects’

Megan Robertson complained of side-effects – including dizziness, nausea and extreme tiredness – from taking the anti-seizure tablets.Tragically, the teenager was found slumped in her bedroom, following a shopping trip with her mum, where she continuously told her she was feeling exhausted.

She suffered from frontal lobe epilepsy which invoked nocturnal epilepsy seizures and night-time fits, Wakefield Coroners Court in West Yorks., was told.

Despite Megan, of West Yorks., Leeds, suffering from seizures, pathological experts say they could not rule out an abnormal heart condition was the cause of the teenager’s death.

Coroner Kevin McLoughlin read out evidence by specialist epilepsy nurse Janet Kellet to the court following her death on December 27, 2016.

Megan Robertson SWNSTEENAGER: The 15-year-old was found slumped on the floor by her sister

“Megan was getting dizzy if she took the meds in the morning so she stopping taking them”

Samantha Robertson

He said Janet claimed Megan was only taking three out of seven doses of her carbamazepine medication in the weeks leading up to her death.

The nurse’s evidence read: “Megan said she did not want to take her medication as prescribed because it made her tired.

“I discussed with her the risk of a higher frequency of night seizures and the risk of sudden death as a result.”

On the day of her death, Megan spent hours in bed “due to exhaustion” after she went out with her mum Samantha Robertson.

Her sister Georgina found her on the floor of her bedroom at the family home with her head resting on a chest of drawers at about 7.30pm.

Megan Robertson SWNSTIRED: She complained about how exhausted she was while on a shopping trip with her mum

Trainee nurse Georgina began CPR until paramedics arrived but Megan was pronounced dead upon arrival at Leeds General Infirmary at 8.20pm.The inquest was told by Neurologist Dr Munni Ray that tiredness was a known side-effect of the drug.

She also said Megan’s frontal epilepsy seizures were less frequent when she took the right dosage.

But mum Samantha told the inquest: “She was not just tired – she couldn’t walk down a corridor at school in a straight line. She couldn’t go two or three nights without having a seizure. Megan was getting dizzy if she took the meds in the morning so she stopping taking them.”

Dr Ray told the court how she tried to arrange more tests to find out the type of epilepsy Megan was suffering from.

Megan Robertson SWNSCONDITION: She suffered from frontal lobe epilepsy which invoked nocturnal epilepsy seizures

But the teen refused anymore consultations and died weeks later.Pathologist Jen Sthalschmidt told the coroner who his post-mortem revealed the teenager suffered from an abnormal heart condition.

He told the court that the condition – myocarditis – had caused inflammation of Megan’s heart which could lead to the heart stopping and a sudden death.

The doctor confirmed that this could have killed Megan regardless of whether she had been suffering a seizure.

Coroner McLoughlin concluded that Megan died of natural causes as she suffered from an abnormal heart condition.